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Scalextric Sets for 2014/15 include the Monster Truck set

Welcome to, the premier place on the net to find out about Scalextric Digital and buy all your digital Scalextric sets, and analogue cars, track, sets and accessories. We supply all kinds of slot car equipment from small starter Scalextric sets for kids right up to large orders for schools, clubs and corporate events. This is a real web shop with a telephone number – not a referral agent like or We are one of the few remaining specialist Scalextric dealers where you can phone the number above and speak to someone with detailed knowledge of the product. Even if you need help with something you didn’t buy from us. So if you don’t have a model or hobby shop in your high street any more, give us a whirl.

New Scalextric shop

Gamescache logo - Scalextric Digital and board gamesIf you have been here before you may notice things are a little different. For a whole bunch of reasons, including reduced costs, easier shop admin, better search visibility, better shopping experience, and SSL security to keep the credit card companies happy, all the BUYING OF PRODUCTS has moved over to our other site, GamesCache. All the margin links from the old site categories in the left margin – Scalextric sets, Scalextric cars etc. – will take you to the corresponding pages in the other site. So if you place an order, note that you will receive order notifications from GamesCache, not Slotcarcentre. If you spot any problems with the new site, do drop a note via the contact form.

Still remaining on this site in the lower left menu, is all the informational material about Scalextric racing, getting the most out of your layout, and so on.


Scalextric Digital chipping service

We have been installing digital chips in cars for customers for many years, and have experience of squeezing chips into a huge range of Scalextric and non-Scalextric cars that were made before the advent of the Scalextric Digital Plug Module. If you aren’t able to chip cars yourself and would prefer to have it done for you, click here to see the options available.

In the same section is the repair service we offer for Scalextric cars that are not behaving themselves, and either won’t run or have missing parts (subject to replacement parts being available of course). If you prefer to have old cars repaired it can work out a lot cheaper than buying new ones, we often receive parcels of cars to look over and fix.


Selling your old Scalextric?

We mostly only deal with new models, although if you are local to us we may be able to take old cars and sets off your hands. A couple of other places to try are the dealers page at the NSCC where you will find specialists who will value and auction older cars.

Or you can have a look at selling on eBay. Completed listings on there will also give you some idea of value if you are selling something similar.

Troubleshooting guide

If you are experiencing a problem with your Scalextric Digital or analogue circuit, click here to view our PDF troubleshooting guide. Rather than call or email with a vague problem such as “my car won’t go” or “my controller’s not working”, work through the guide before calling for help as most issues are covered in there. It contains lots of useful ideas to help you track down, step by step, the possible cause of a problem, based on our many years’ experience of the system. Then if you are still struggling ask a question via email.